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The Art of Reading

I was so happy to be featured in a blog about reading recently, check the article out at

In this short piece I provided a few of my top 10 favorite books, favorite authors and other fun bits about me. If you need a book to read, you need to know about Kerrie’s blog.

Susan Lucci

This past weekend I went to the Women’s Expo in Phoenix and met the amazing Susan Lucci (Erica Kane of “All My Children”). She was speaking and signing her book All My Life . What a charming woman and so honest, not to mention gorgeous. If it felt right, I told myself that I would give her the “Oscar Worthy Clutch” and it did, so I did! She was gracious and genuinely touched when I told her I had made it for her. To all the “AMC” fans out there, she told us she was blindsided by the cancellation of the show! I am still recovering from the shock and let me tell you, she is too. She really appreciated the crowds support and the clutch. Now I wish I had named it the “Emmy Worthy Clutch”! Doesn’t it make you want one?


Two years ago this month

I picked up knitting needles for the first time! Who knew?






Oscar Worthy Clutch Complete

I finished this clutch on Saturday, the day before the Oscars. Therefore I am calling it my Oscar Worthy Clutch. I would have loved to have seen any celebrity carry this on the red carpet! Can you imagine?

This one is for sale under Shop online for $159. Buy it and wear it to your next special occasion. Or just wear it, I guarantee you will feel like a celebrity. Or just look like one!

Intuition and The Handmade Marketplace

A story about intuition: One of the books I have referred to often in the setting up my business is a book called Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin. The byline of this book is “how to sell your crafts locally, globally, and online.” I had first read about this book in a blog and then ordered it from the public library and awaited it’s arrival. Published in 2010, this book did not disappoint.

One day I had just photocopied pages from this book and was getting ready, reluctantly, to return it to the library when my sister called. She had a present to deliver to me from a friend. The present turned out to be this very book that I was just getting ready to return to the library, Handmade Marketplace! This friend had been at the bookstore looking for books in the travel section for an upcoming trip. Sticking out like a sore thumb in the travel section on Chicago, was this book. She picked it up and thought of me immediately. This friend had just bought one of my first Make it Be handbags a few weeks before. She said to herself, “This book must be for Brigid”.

I love it when stuff like this happens! It happens to me a lot which is why the byline of my company is “intuitively designed handbags”. This friend of my sister is also to be thanked!