A story about intuition: One of the books I have referred to often in the setting up my business is a book called Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin. The byline of this book is “how to sell your crafts locally, globally, and online.” I had first read about this book in a blog and then ordered it from the public library and awaited it’s arrival. Published in 2010, this book did not disappoint.

One day I had just photocopied pages from this book and was getting ready, reluctantly, to return it to the library when my sister called. She had a present to deliver to me from a friend. The present turned out to be this very book that I was just getting ready to return to the library, Handmade Marketplace! This friend had been at the bookstore looking for books in the travel section for an upcoming trip. Sticking out like a sore thumb in the travel section on Chicago, was this book. She picked it up and thought of me immediately. This friend had just bought one of my first Make it Be handbags a few weeks before. She said to herself, “This book must be for Brigid”.

I love it when stuff like this happens! It happens to me a lot which is why the byline of my company is “intuitively designed handbags”. This friend of my sister is also to be thanked!